Cataract - What is a multifocal lens used in cataract surgery?

Another type of IOL is the multifocal IOL.  The multifocal IOL has optical rings of different powers built into the intraocular lens.  These different optical rings usually allow you to see clearly at far, near, and intermediate distances without eyeglasses.

The AcrySof® ReSTOR® multifocal IOL combines the latest technology in optical design with a proven acrylic material of excellent optical clarity.

"My experience with Dr. Murphy was very pleasant and professional. She took time to explain the problems and remedies. I had cataracts in both eyes. The lenses were replaced with multi-focal ones. I am extremely happy with the outcome. The staff was courteous, helpful and professional." James H.

"I was always so afraid to have anything done to my eyes, but Dr. Murphy's calm and full explanations took away this fear." Joan K.

"It is so nice to have a doctor responsive to my needs.  Dr. Murphy did both my cataracts and the multifocal lens enables me to read the smallest print.  I highly recommend Dr. Murphy and her staff." Bill S.

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