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Cataract - What is laser surgery for secondary cataract?

A posterior capsulotomy is a laser procedure that sometimes is necessary after cataract surgery. During cataract surgery, part of the front (anterior) capsule of the eye’s cloudy, natural lens is removed to gain access to and remove the cataract. The clear, back (posterior) capsule remains intact and supports an intraocular lens (IOL), a plastic or silicone disc that is implanted in the eye and replaces the cloudy, natural lens. As long as the posterior capsule stays clear, you will experience good vision.

In some cases, the posterior capsule loses its clarity, and blurs your vision. Clouding of the posterior capsule usually increases slowly over weeks or months.  When this happens, Doctor Murphy can create an opening in the capsule using a laser in order to restore normal vision.  This procedure is called a posterior capsulotomy.  The posterior capsulotomy is painless and takes approximately five minutes.  Vision usually improves within hours.


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