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Cataract - How are my eyes affected by cataract? 4117
Cataract - How do my eyes see? 4838
Cataract - What is a multifocal lens used in cataract surgery? 10525
Cataract - What is a toric intraocular lens for correction of astigmatism? 10549
Cataract - What is an accommodating intraocular lens? 4266
Cataract - What is an intraocular lens? 3899
Cataract - What is cataract surgery? 4623
Cataract - What is laser surgery for secondary cataract? 11824
Diabetes - How are eyes affected by diabetes? 4858
Diabetes - Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) 4379
Diabetes - What is macular ischemia or edema? 9772
Diabetes - What is Non-Proliferative Diabetic Retinopathy (NPDR)? 4601
Dry Eye - How do tears drain from the eyes? 4985
Dry Eye - How is dry eye treated? 4363
Dry Eye - What are the layers of the tear film? 4434
Eyelid - What are droopy eyelids or blepharoptosis? 5145
Eyelid - What causes drooping of the eyelids? 6111
Eyelid - What is blepharitis? 4690
Glaucoma - How do my eyes see? 4233
Glaucoma - What is laser surgery for treatment of glaucoma? 4418
Glaucoma - What is open-angle glaucoma? 4221
Glaucoma - What is optic nerve cupping from loss of nerve fibers? 10742
Macular Degeneration - How do I use an Amsler grid? 4162
Macular Degeneration - How does macular degeneration affect my eyes? 4789
Macular Degeneration - What is dry macular degeneration? 4634
Macular Degeneration - What is wet macular degeneration? 4363
Retina - What are flashes and floaters? 6574

"My experience with Dr. Murphy was very pleasant and professional. She took time to explain the problems and remedies. I had cataracts in both eyes. The lenses were replaced with multi-focal ones. I am extremely happy with the outcome. The staff was courteous, helpful and professional." James H.

"I was always so afraid to have anything done to my eyes, but Dr. Murphy's calm and full explanations took away this fear." Joan K.

"It is so nice to have a doctor responsive to my needs.  Dr. Murphy did both my cataracts and the multifocal lens enables me to read the smallest print.  I highly recommend Dr. Murphy and her staff." Bill S.

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